Applying for Adjustment of Status? Use VaxScan to Determine Which Vaccinations You Need!

Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, Influenza, COVID-19… It can be confusing (now more than ever) to find out which vaccines you’re supposed to get if you are applying for adjustment of status for US permanent residence. No need to panic, however, because there’s a very easy (and free!) way to get a list of your vaccination requirements: VaxScan.

How do I get my vaccination list?

VaxScan is an app we created to help you get a vaccination list based on your current situation by answering a few questions. How does it work? It’s simple. You start by adding your basic information like your address, date of birth, name, email address, etc. After that, the app asks you questions to determine your vaccination status (including COVID-19 ) and your potential vaccination requirements.

Why do I need a vaccination list anyway?

Since 1996, immigrants entering the U.S. and people seeking adjustment of status to that of a legal permanent resident must show proof that they have been vaccinated against vaccine-preventable diseases.

I found out which vaccines I need to get. What’s next?

Your medical history and vaccination records will be reviewed by a civil surgeon. They will then proceed to administer any needed vaccines, complete Form I-693 and give it to you in a sealed envelope, which you will then present to USCIS. You will also receive a copy of the form that you can keep.

Applying for adjustment of status for US permanent residence can be overwhelming. That’s what our apps are for! Head to VaxScan to determine your vaccination list for free and check out the rest of our apps that might help you during your immigration journey!

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