Armenian Citizenship App

Apply for Armenian Citizenship and get an Armenian passport!


Available in English, French & Russian!

  • Complete the app in one of the 3 languages.
  • Download your application form in Armenian.

Why Use This App?

  • Quick & easy: fill out the form online & in less than an hour!
  • Eligibility check: check if you are eligible for applying before starting anything!
  • Clear instructions: understand the requested information & avoid costly mistakes!
  • Printable documents: easily download, print and sign all your documents!
  • Attorney review: have a lawyer check all your documents before you submit them!
  • Mobile-friendly: use your phone if you don't have access to a PC!
  • Money-back guarantee: get a full refund if your application is rejected!
  • Automatic translation: download your application form translated into Armenian!


This app helps you apply for Armenian Citizenship and get an Armenian passport by filling out the appropriate form and preparing all the necessary documents. It also generates a personalized list of documents that you will need to prepare.