About Us

AmpiChap is a legal tech company for regular people, not just lawyers. We redefine access to justice by automating legal documents and simplifying legal processes through machine learning, thereby eliminating the need for a lawyer. We create legal tech tools that anyone can use to achieve their business and personal goals. By doing so, we aim to solve the problem faced by millions of people who cannot access legal services: expensive lawyer fees.

We believe in delivering more for less; in fact, much more for much less. We provide access to better, lower-cost, and more convenient legal solutions for everyone.

Legaltech is in its infancy as a field right now. While we have a very clear idea of what needs to be done to lower costs of legal services, which are spectacularly high, and make legal solutions more accessible through technology, we need to be strong on the technology aspect of it. We've seen tremendous progress in fintech over the last few years. We need to learn from this industry’s success and implement in our segment best practices developed there. No one has a better understanding of the technology behind successes in this arena than Dr. Arbajian, our Chief Architect and Dr. Hajja, our CTO.
- Manvel Vasilyev Airumian Founder & CEO OF Ampichap

What do most people do when they have a legal question or problem and they think getting a lawyer is too expensive? They avoid it for as long as possible. But what if it’s an unavoidable legal problem? Most people either end up paying high legal fees they can’t afford or they try to fumble through it on their own. Having access to law, like having access to money, is a dividing line between people who can do what they want and those who cannot.

The legal services industry is one of the few remaining "guilds" limiting access to their profession by requiring a specialized degree and license. Lawyers can charge fees that are too high for most people while providing antiquated and inefficient services. Inefficiency is built into the hourly fee model most lawyers still use which gives them no incentive to be efficient as they charge clients by the hour.

Our Team

Creative Minds

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Chief Executive Officer

Manvel Vasilyev Airumian

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Chief Architect

Dr. Pierre Arbajian

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Art Director

Hrag Karaminassian

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Public Relations

Ani Kasparian

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Lead Product Engineer

Raffi Kasbarian